I bought a deal, what happens now?

Upon successful payment, the deal site which organised the offer will email you a voucher to the provided email address. This contains details about redemption method and other important information. Please note that vouchers usually have an expiry date and we recommend that you set a reminder to use the offer within this timeframe.

I purchased a deal but have not received my voucher / product?

If you purchased a voucher for a service a confirmation email with the voucher is sent to the email address you have provided, please make sure to also check spam / junk folders. Alternatively you can also login to the deal site where the voucher was purchased and retrieve a copy of the voucher from the user account which was created upon purchase.
When you purchase a product you may be required to complete extra steps to redeem the voucher. These extra steps are usually listed under the "terms and conditions" section and may require you to visit the supplier's website to complete the order and may require extra payment for delivery.

How can I advertise a deal on mydealpage.ie?

MyDealPage operates as a deal comparison website and we work closely with other parties who provide us with deal information. We don't organise with businesses directly OR sell vouchers via our website to customers. Sales occur on our partner's website and if you'd like to advertise via MyDealPage, please contact them directly to organise an offer. Once our partner promotes the offer we will display the package on our site.

How do I request a refund?

Please contact the deal site who issued the voucher to request a refund. Contact details can be found here. Please note that MyDealPage is not involved in any part of the payment process between the customer and the deal site.

I have deleted / lost my voucher

Please contact the deal site which sold the voucher to request a copy. Contact details can be found here. Alternatively some deal sites allow you to retrieve a copy of the voucher from the user account created upon purchase. Please visit the deal site and try to log into the user account.

Can I personalise the newsletter email I receive?

You can indeed customise the MyDealPage newsletter to suit your preferences. Each newsletter we mail you includes a link at the top right corner to give you access to your unique customisation page. Please ensure that you save the changes.

My order has not yet arrived?

Please check the "terms and conditions" section on the offer / voucher as this provides details about the redemption process and the delivery timeframe. You may be required to complete another step after the purchase which will be stated in the "fine print".

Can I track the delivery of my order?

This depends on the business responsible for the delivery of the order and the shipping company they use. MyDealPage receives no customer purchase details.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Each newsletter we email has a link in the footer that enables you to unsubscribe from our mailing list with a few clicks.

Do you have a smartphone app?

MyDealPage has a great smartphone app available for download via this page.

Why am I redirected to another site?

MyDealPage provides a comparison / directory service and we work with third parties to provide you with great deals. You are re-directed to the third party website to see full package details and here you can purchase the offer.

I registered for the newsletter but haven't received it in my inbox?

After registration, please ensure that noreply@mydealpage.ie is added as a "safe sender" to your trusted emailing list or address book. Our newsletter is emailed automatically each morning between 8-10AM though it may arrive in your spam or junk folder. If you have registered a work email address it may be the case that your IT department has listed the newsletter as spam.

How do I find deals I'm interested in?

We have created various filter and search functions to help you find offers of interest. On our website, please use the blue menu bar at the top. The same features can be found in the menu option on the app. To find offers through the newsletter, please visit your unique customisation page to adjust the settings to your preferences and save any changes made.

How do I update my email address?

Please use the unsubscribe option in the footer of the newsletter to remove the current email address and then visit our website to register the new email address you wish to use.

Will this offer be available again?

MyDealPage receives only live deal information from our partners and we unfortunately have no knowledge of upcoming offers.

My voucher has expired can I still use it?

Please contact the business and / or the deal website where you purchased the voucher and they will be happy to advise you. Contact details for the deal sites can be found here.

I have a suggestion or complaint, how do I contact MyDealPage?

Please email us at info at mydealpage dot ie.