Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Deals

I bought a deal, what happens now?

Upon successful payment, the deal site which organised the offer will email you a voucher to the provided email address. This contains details about redemption method and other important information. Please note that vouchers usually have an expiry date and we recommend that you set a reminder to use the offer within this timeframe.

I purchased a deal but have not received my voucher / product?

If you purchased a voucher for a service a confirmation email with the voucher is sent to the email address you have provided, please make sure to also check spam / junk folders. Alternatively you can also login to the deal site where the voucher was purchased and retrieve a copy of the voucher from the user account which was created upon purchase.
When you purchase a product you may be required to complete extra steps to redeem the voucher. These extra steps are usually listed under the "fine print" section and may require you to visit the supplier's website to complete the order and may require extra payment for delivery.

How can I advertise a deal on

MyDealPage operates as a deal comparison website and we work closely with other parties who provide us with deal information. We don't organise with businesses directly OR sell vouchers via our website to customers. Sales occur on our partner's website and if you'd like to advertise via MyDealPage, please contact them directly to organise an offer. Once our partner promotes the offer we will display the package on our site.

How do I request a refund?

Please contact the deal site who issued the voucher to request a refund. Contact details can be found here. Please note that MyDealPage is not involved in any part of the payment process between the customer and the deal site.

I have deleted / lost my voucher

Please contact the deal site which sold the voucher to request a copy. Contact details can be found here. Alternatively some deal sites allow you to retrieve a copy of the voucher from the user account created upon purchase. Please visit the deal site and try to log into the user account.

Can I personalise the newsletter email I receive?

You can indeed customise the MyDealPage newsletter to suit your preferences. Each newsletter we mail you includes a link at the top right corner to give you access to your unique customisation page. Please ensure that you save the changes.

My order has not yet arrived?

Please check the "fine print" section on the offer / voucher as this provides details about the redemption process and the delivery timeframe. You may be required to complete another step after the purchase which will be stated in the "fine print".

Can I track the delivery of my order?

This depends on the business responsible for the delivery of the order and the shipping company they use. MyDealPage receives no customer purchase details.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Each newsletter we email has a link in the footer that enables you to unsubscribe from our mailing list with a few clicks.

Do you have a smartphone app?

MyDealPage has a great smartphone app available for download via this page.

Why am I redirected to another site?

MyDealPage provides a comparison / directory service and we work with third parties to provide you with great deals. You are re-directed to the third party website to see full package details and here you can purchase the offer.

I registered for the newsletter but haven't received it in my inbox?

After registration, please ensure that is added as a "safe sender" to your trusted emailing list or address book. Our newsletter is emailed automatically each morning between 8-10AM though it may arrive in your spam or junk folder. If you have registered a work email address it may be the case that your IT department has listed the newsletter as spam.

How do I find deals I'm interested in?

We have created various filter and search functions to help you find offers of interest. On our website, please use the blue menu bar at the top. The same features can be found in the menu option on the app. To find offers through the newsletter, please visit your unique customisation page to adjust the settings to your preferences and save any changes made.

How do I update my email address?

Please use the unsubscribe option in the footer of the newsletter to remove the current email address and then visit our website to register the new email address you wish to use.

Will this offer be available again?

MyDealPage receives only live deal information from our partners and we unfortunately have no knowledge of upcoming offers.

My voucher has expired can I still use it?

Please contact the business and / or the deal website where you purchased the voucher and they will be happy to advise you. Contact details for the deal sites can be found here.

I have a suggestion or complaint, how do I contact MyDealPage?

Please email us at ###JavascriptReplaceEmailAdress_SpamProtection### or complete the contact form found here

Who are HotelsCombined?

HotelsCombined compares the best hotel deals from all major travel websites in over 120,000 destinations worldwide. MyDealPage has partnered with HotelsCombined to give you great value on hotels not only in Ireland but anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

How do I make a reservation?

To make a hotel reservation, please enter a location (city, region or specific hotel), the check-in and check-out date and the number of guests visiting, then select "Search". A results page gives you details of all the available hotel packages from a range of different hotel reservation sites. You then complete your reservation with one of the hotel reservation websites. After you have successfully provided the required personal and payment information a confirmation page will appear and the booking will be confirmed via email. The confirmation email contains important information about your reservation and should be printed to present at the hotel upon arrival.

I cannot remember which travel site I made the reservation through?

To determine which website you have used to book your hotel, please check your email - If you have booked a hotel room online, you will most likely have been sent a confirmation email/receipt. The confirmation email will include your booking information as well as contact details. Alternatively, please check your credit card statement for a website or company name. Finally you can also check your internet browser history to help find the website you visited to complete the booking.

How do I change/cancel my reservation? is a hotel price comparison engine and works with multiple partner websites to which you click through to make reservations. If you have already made a booking using our service, you will need to contact the website on which you made the booking to discuss your reservation. Please visit this link for further contact details:

How do I contact HotelsCombined?

Please visit this link to contact HotelsCombined directly:
Car Hire

Who are Rentalcars?

Rentalcars is one of the world's leading car rental agencies, comparing prices for car hire in over 180 countries and over 6,000 locations worldwide. They work with leading suppliers to offer great prices on all car types, including luxury cars, people carriers, minivans and automatic cars. MyDealPage has partnered with Rentalcars to give you an overview of all the best value car hire options for a huge range of locations worldwide.

How do I complete my car hire reservation?

Please complete the required fields such as "Country", "Pick up date" etc. and click "Search". A results page will quickly generate with all the available car hire options for you to choose from. To complete the car hire reservation select "Book Now" and provide the require information. Please ensure to always read the available information and terms and conditions carefully.

I haven't received confirmation of my booking?

You can monitor and review the status of your booking at any time by logging on to My Booking or your Account via Confirmation vouchers will be available once full payment has been received. Please ensure to also check your spam / junk folder. If you have any questions you can contact Rentalcars 24 hours / 7 days of the week via their contact forum: or by calling: 0044-161836 6719.

I would like to confirm/ manage/ cancel/ change my reservation

You can confirm/ cancel / change your reservation by visiting and login into your account using your email address and "reference number" (found in the confirmation email). Alternatively you can contact Rentalcars 24 hours / 7 days of the week via their contact forum: or by calling: 0044-161836 6719.

How do I print a receipt for my reservation?

You can find a copy of your reservation by visiting and login into your account using your email address and "reference number" (found in the confirmation email). Here you can manage your reservation and print a copy.

What do I need to take to collect the vehicle?

When collecting the vehicle, the principal driver will need to take the confirmation voucher or E-Voucher, their full driving licence and deposit requirements. Also, please see the "What You'll Need To Take" section by logging on to My Booking or My Account via If you have requested additional drivers, they'll also need to take their driving licence(s).

Can I rent a car if I don't have a credit card?

When collecting the vehicle, you will be required to leave a deposit; a Credit Card must generally be provided and be in the Principal driver's name. This deposit ensures that the customer can cover any damage to the vehicle and / or equipment. This is standard practice with all car rental companies, and usually takes the form of an amount blocked on the principal driver's credit card. The terms and conditions will indicate if a debit card is accepted. Please Note: additional extras can also carry additional deposit requirements.

What are the driving licence requirements?

The principal driver must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least two years.
If you have endorsements on your licence, or your licence has previously been revoked, please contact a representative, who will be happy to assist. For drivers with the new-style licence, both the paper & photo parts will be required. The International Driving Licence (IDL) is not required where English is the primary spoken language of the country. The requirement for the IDL will be clearly shown during the booking process and on your rental documentation.

Will I be charged if I want to pick the car up outside normal working hours?

If this service is available at your chosen destination, there may be an additional charge for it, which will be paid for at the rental counter. We will advise you whether a charge will apply when you confirm your pick-up / drop-off times in your booking request.

What is the fuel policy?

Each car rental company has its own Fuel Policy, which is visible during the booking process. It will also be displayed on your confirmation voucher and on the rental agreement at the rental counter.
If you are renting for 3 days or less, you should highlight this to the car rental company at the time of renting in case they can work out an alternative fuel plan with you. Most of the car rental companies require a deposit at the start of the rental to cover fuel. Provided the car is returned in accordance with the fuel policy, this deposit will be refunded when returning the car.

How do I contact Rentalcars?

Rentalcars is available to answer any questions 24 hours / 7 days of the week via their contact forum: or by calling: 0044-161836 6719.
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